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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

There is no secret shortcut to having healthy hair. Having a healthy scalp helps promote a healthy environment for hair growth. If your start experiencing hair thinning, dandruff, chronic itchiness and excessive hair loss, visit a Trichologist to identify an hair conditions you may be experiencing. If your scalp is unhealthy, it will be difficult to grow healthy hair.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, seek professional help and schedule a virtual consultation with a

Certified Trichologist.

What To Expect

Length of Consult: 45- 60 mins 

Giving me time to explore all factors affecting your hair and scalp, such as general health, diet 

and lifestyle, and your medical and family history. 


Private 1:1 Hair and Scalp Analysis

You will be asked to email pictures of concerned areas your hair/scalp. 

You will be asked questions about your problem. 

Several factors can lead to hair loss. You will be questioned about your medical history, nutrition, 

diet, genetics, hair care practices and lifestyle 

Treatment Recommendations 

Treatment for hair loss and scalp disorder is based on the individual, and there is no guarantee that a 

specific treatment will regrow your hair or cure the scalp disorder. Hair regrowth depends on the type of hair loss you have, and all of factors triggering the condition. In many cases hair can regrow with the presence of hair follicles (the pocket that holds strands of hair in place, with a pore that allows the hair to extend beyond the skin’s surface). Some scalp disorders can be treated not cured. It all depends on the triggering factors that cause the condition. 

Hair Care Regiment and Wholistic Solutions

During the consultation, I will discuss your hair care regiment. If it is relevant to your condition, I give you recommendations on what you can do to prevent further hair loss, and what products you can use to maintain not only the health of your scalp, but the hair as well. 

Schedule A Consultation
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